The art medium Hadbakah defies placement in one of the conventional categories. It was devised by Selma Hurwitz in 1964, and during the subsequent years of use by the artist has evolved into the richly developed technique that she uses today.
      Hadbakah is glued-thread painting (The word is Hebrew for "gluing"). Instead of using a brush, the artist glues various threads, especially metallized threads, one by one, to a specially prepared surface. Careful planning of thread direction and location, and meticulous maneuvering of the threads during the gluing process, achieve the desired shading and design. Changes in thread direction cause shifting reflections, and this gives the medium it's unique visual texture, often with a remarkable three-dimensional effect.

      "My threads are my palette. It's exciting to me to see the image take form and become lifelike, as I glue the threads and create textures and fabrics and minute detail."

- Selma Hurwitz

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