(Based on the Art of Selma Hurwitz)

In these illustrated lectures, internationally known artist Selma Hurwitz displays her view of the world using her unique art medium hadbakah (glued-thread painting). The artist uses slides of her work to present her thoughts on nature, human feelings, and personal and social themes. The lectures have been enthusiastically received by all who have heard them.

The artist's works hang in numerous collections and public buildings in the United States, Canada and Israel.

Titles of the available lectures are (1) The Wonders of Life, (2) Love, (3) Family, (4) Life's Experiences, (5) The Marvels of Our Earth, and (6) Themes and Personages in the Hebrew Bible.

Recent comments include:
  • Your completely original one-woman slide show and discussion, as well as your obvious passion for your work, riveted our audience.
  • Your presentation was extremely informative and well received.
  • Mrs. Hurwitz is a most articulate, engaging, and committed lecturer.

For more information on these illustrated lectures contact Selma Hurwitz via e-mail at, or by phone at (818) 875-4300.
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